30 January 2015

Tweedle Book Cafe

Discovering and trying out new dining places has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I always browse the internet and social media sites for good finds and try them out for myself. So when I happen to chance upon Tweedle Book Cafe, I got interested in their Pinoy Breakfast pasta and wanted to try it our right away since it is located near our office. 

So on one of our lunch-outs, we finally, as a group, decided to come try this out. And we immediately liked what we saw. 

It was located at a residential area. Looked like an old place that was recently converted to accommodate this unique coffee + library place where one can hang out. It was away from traffic noise so the ambiance was really relaxing.
This will greet you upon entering the driveway. Interesting piece of information. Cool!
Simple drink and ice cream menu and even pleasant staff. The food menu can be seen at the cash register area. The staff will patiently answer all your questions and make recommendations if they sense that you are undecided on what to order.
Sandwich, pie and dessert choices. Prices are written on the glass, can you see?
I love Merry Moo and I was glad they have it there though limited in options. But my fave Candied Bacon and Salted Caramel are there so that's good with me. But I did not order that day, I decided to order something new. 
Genmaicha Latte Php100
Love the roasted taste and my companion commented that it tastes like what she had in Japan. Too bad they did not put latte art like what we saw in online posts. Hope they try to be consistent about it.
TCC Hot Chocolate in Salted Caramel (Php160) 
I ordered this and I loved it! Love how rich and creamy it was. I really could drink several cups of this in one sitting. But then, that would be too expensive and I would be saying hello to Diabetes. Haha! I highly recommend this one. 
Pinoy Breakfast (Php180)
This has exceeded my expectations! I came for this and it certainly delivered. This pasta has longganisa bits, tomatoes and salted egg in olive oil. It has the perfect blend of saltiness and chewiness to it since the ingredients were very generous. I hope that the next time I go here, the serving would still be the same. This is now a part of my favorite pasta dishes.
Ola! Sardinas (Php180)
This has Spanish Sardines, garlic, basil and tomatoes in olive oil. Pasta used was angel hair which complimented the lightness of the ingredients. It was good but I prefer the Pinoy Breakfast more. 
The rest of the menu
They have a long table, just like a library setting. If one is engrossed in what they're doing, you certainly won't mind this setting. But for me, this is not ideal for a group of people who talks loudly because it might disrupt the others. There are other tables for that. 
Books everywhere! You can definitely lose yourself in this place once you start on a good read.
Here you'll find Platform 9 ¾. I wonder if I will see Harry Potter if I go inside, Haha!
Interesting ceiling. (Thanks Honey O. for this photo)
Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience, well, save for the serving time of our pasta orders. Afterall, we only had an hour because it was just our lunch break and had to go back to work after. That took nearly 30 minutes. But that did not hinder our good moods. I hope they improve on that. Other than that, I loved everything!


Tweedle Book Cafe
106B Scout Gandia
Quezon City, Philippines
FB: Tweedle Book Cafe



  1. Great review! I miss finding unique cafes like these in Manila :) (But of course I miss Manila in general!)

    On a side note, that hot chocolate looks so yummy!

  2. You should try Hot Choco with Orange next!


  3. Wow, pasta + coffee + Merry Moo ice cream! I am so visiting this place! :)

  4. The place looks cozy! Will visit this one of these days. :)


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