13 January 2015

Hong Kong Trip: Lantau Island

(Late Post: This trip happened last 2012)

More Hong Kong exploration here! But this time, Lantau Island's other attractions was our destination. Lantau is the largest island of Hong Kong and this is where the airport and HK Disneyland is also a part of. The Ngong Ping Village is also a part of their attractions, which is a culturally themed village that was designed to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the area. Part of the itinerary was to also ride a cable car.

From our jump off point which was the Tsing Yi MTR station, we hopped on a train going to Lantau Island. I have looked forward to going here and see some scenic and iconic spots.
Beautiful and intricate buttoned-up wall at the Maritime Square at the Tsing Yi MTR station.

Could not pass up a photo op, of course!
Heavy breakfast it was for us. That iced milk tea was so good!
Unfortunately, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car operation was off on that day due to technical concerns so we had to ride a bus. A bus! Whatever happened to my long-awaited dream of experiencing the cable car? Well, zilch it was. The travel time for the bus was around an hour each way.
On the other hand, we also got to see the scenic route as we passed by.
It was still, sort of, a win situation.
Upon arrival at the Ngong Ping Village, we immediately basked in the sights and let our eyes take in the view, 360 degrees style. 

The Tian Tan Buddha Statue.
It is large bronze statue that was completed in 1993. Sitting 34 meters high, it is also known as the Big Buddha.
I came here with a girl friend but when she saw the climb that we would have to make, she buckled and opted to be left at the base. She stayed there and relaxed while I climbed up and took photos of the sights which I showed to her after going back down. It took 268 steps before you reach the top. There was a minimal fee that I paid and that included some tea which I would get at the top but I did not pushed with it.

Level with the clouds!
Some other statues that were placed at the peak.
The dogs of Ngong Ping. They all looked healthy, well-kept and well-behaved. They were used to a lot of huan presence and activity already.
The Po Lin Monastery. One of the most important Buddhist sanctums and has been dubbed "the Buddhist World in the South". Lots of flowers surrounded the monastery, in and outside. Very beautiful!

Look at those fuchsia pink blooms! So beautiful!

It was quite a climb but so worth it. Will I do it again if given the chance to go back?
YES, definitely!
You will find shops and dining places here at the village. It was fun exploring the nooks and crannies of this place. 
This is where we bought souvenir items for friends back home.I rather loved these bug-sy key chains.
On the way back to the hotel, we picked up some food because we were so famished! Hong Kong was where I had my first Gong Cha milk tea. And these breads were heavenly! I splurged on them!

One thing we always have to remember when we visit other countries is to respect their customs, traditions and religion. We are on foreign soil and not back in our motherland. And this way, we can have a better appreciation of our experiences.

I loved Lantau Island but I wish that I would get to try the cable car on my next visit.


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