21 January 2015

Macau Trip: 1 Day Quick and Easy Trip

(Late Post: This trip happened last 2012)

Macau, a former Portuguese colony, is now a Special Administrative Region of China since 1999 when it became the last remaining European colony in Asia, after being handed back to China. Macau is the most densely populated region in the world sitting in a land area of 31.3 kilometers only.

Macau is the world's largest gambling center way back in 2006. It has surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenues for a long time now. And it is also one of the world's richest cities too. Which is why, I wanted to come visit here. Rich in culture and a taste of Las Vegas here in Asia. Even for a day, that would be enough for us to just experience some of the sights.
Excited girls! Coming to Macau will earn you another stamp on your passport. 
Welcome to Macau!
We immediately started wandering off and snapped some pics. These were taken near the pier. Our nice tour guide waited for us while we clicked our hearts away.

Got me some spicy curry balls. Perfect for the cold weather that time. 
So many great backgrounds to have your photos taken but we had to rush because of time constraints of our visit. 
Pasalubong time! One of the best pork/beef jerky that I've had. Quite expensive but well, this was a vacation so I was, kind of, prepared to splurge a little. Also got some almond cookies.

The Ruins of St. Paul.
The cathedral was built in 1602 and was destroyed by fire in 1835. This is what's left of it, the southern stone facade. Only this thin stonework that was a silent witness of so many changes that has happened throughout the years.
Well-kept in a pristine condition even if its an almost skeletal remain. I finally conquered the place! Yes! Used to imagine this only.
When you get around the city, evidence of its Portuguese influence is seen almost everywhere. The style of the structures says it all. I liked that feeling that you are in Europe but not. Of cobblestone streets and art deco buildings and fusion of two rich cultures, Portuguese and Chinese.
More pasalubong-buying opportunities. Bought so many magnets here to give away to friends.
Just do it! 
Macau is also known for their famous Portuguese egg tarts. The recipe is said to be centuries old, handed down from generation to generation. These delightful pastries are truly delicious, not too sweet and the crispy crust. Good thing we have Lord Stow's here in Manila. It's the next best thing to having it on the land where it started from.
The Venetian Hotel.
The biggest and grandest of all casino hotels in Macau. Going here is like going to their Las Vegas counterpart.

So long! Until we meet again, Macau!

Our tour of Macau was very short but worth it. My lesson for next time, try to stay overnight or at least give a whole day for exploration so we won't rush into the sights and really experience the place for all its culture and glitz.

Well, I will have that chance this coming March. I'd better step up our itinerary. =)


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