09 February 2015

Lola Ote: The Best BBQ in QC!

Looking for quality yet affordable barbecue in town has always been a challenge. We cannot deny that our favorite street food may be prepared a little bit questioningly in some kanto or carinderia, but there are some that stood out like Grill Queen. But since there is no GQ near where I work, we oftentimes go at the back of the building where we work to have our fix of pork barbecue, chicken and pork isaw, grilled hotdog and tenga.

So imagine my delight when I chanced upon a joint online where they offer grilled foods. I immediately checked out the details and pitched them to my office mates and immediately ate there the next day.

The name is Lola Ote. Our new barbecue haven.
Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 100)
Our appetizer. Freshly cooked so it was still hot and very crispy while the meat was relatively soft. Easy to chew on unlike the gummy texture if this was prepared way beforehand.
Chicken Isaw (Php 23/stick) & Tenga ng Baboy (Php 25/stick)
Still considered cheap. And the chicken isaw was so siksik. I like the chicken isaw of Mang Larry's in UP but their isaw is so small that it tends to get burned easily, that's why I order their isaw baboy more.
The sauce used while it was still grilling was good. Right amount of sweet and salty.
As for the tenga ng baboy, this was the order of an office mate. Was not able to try it but it looks promising. 
Isaw ng Baboy (Php 25/stick)
My sinful favorite! Very soft with a slight char to the skin. I really love this and I will keep on coming back for this alone. Yum!
Pork Barbecue (Php 55/stick for 12 inches and Php 85/stick for the 18 inches)
Very very good! 2 thumbs up! Tender meat, very good marinade and very nice presentation. One can never get enough of this.
Atchara and vinegar dipping sauce. The vinegar was sweet and slightly spice and it was so good. I actually made it my soup as I sipped several spoonfuls. Haha!
Affordable menu. 

The food was simple fare yet tasted amazing! The wait staff was very courteous and attentive in addressing our requests but there was a slight hitch, we waited a bit long for our orders to arrive. I'm not sure if there  was a mix-up or something. Our pork barbecues arrived first then waited for several minutes for our partial order of isaw to arrive then waited again for the last batch of isaw. It was a good thing that we really appreciate their food because if not, we might have gone the less pleasant way.  An office mate who had eaten here before also commented the same. Hope they improve this for next time.

Overall, I liked the food and the service (with some improvements on the food order delivery, we hope) and I will come back here and keep on recommending this place still.



26 Courtyard Building, Sgt. Esguerra Street, 
South Triangle, Quezon City
FB: Lola Ote


  1. Great post!! Though I have to hide my tears now... because I miss food like this back home!!!

    1. Hi Aileen, when you get back, you must have food trip right away! =)

  2. yum! sobrang addict ako sa barbeque!! i wanna go here! for sure super saya magfoodtrip dito :)

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. Hi Rovie, try this place. It won't disappoint. =)


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