07 September 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: BonChon Chicken @ Ayala Triangle

I use to wonder what the fuzz was all about BonChon Chicken. They say it was really good. I did not believe it. But now, I am a proud converted fried chicken lover of this Philippine franchise from Korea.

The secret to this..its double-fried. First frying is to remove the fat and make it super crispy then the second frying is to blend in their supersecret sauce. Whoa! Just saying that makes imagine about it. It was that perfect! Especially the chicken skin that has absorbed already the sauce but still maintained its crunchiness, superb with a capital S!

The only minor downside to our late dinner is the Kimchi Coleslaw. I find it a bit bland, I cannot taste the 'kimchi' on it. But I will still give this a try next time around, not judging the dish on just one try.

But anyway, see photos below from our wonderful fried chicken experience. =)
picture perfect chicken which made me a BonChon believer
BonChon drumsticks - 12pcs for P720
BonChon wings - 6pcs for P185
Kimchi Coleslaw P45.. a bit bland
my officemate's takeout

BonChon Chicken
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave., Makati City

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