13 January 2011

PUNTA FUEGO (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

My job before at GMA 7 has given me the opportunity to go to a lot of different places and because of that, I'm really grateful. Air travel is what I prefer even if I go on first flight, actually I prefer that than leaving at a later time. Anyway, land trips I really don't care for but it's part of the job so I try to make the most of it. I just sleep tightly on the way. Haha!

Like this trip, Punta Fuego, this was 3hours of travel time or more..good thing the client provided a van for us but since the artist that I was with decided to bring her own car, I was alone in the van. All by my lonesome which I loved.

When we arrived at the location, I was surprised that for a place near the ocean..it was humid! I felt sticky in just minutes. But well, that experience did not stop me from having a few snaps for souvenir. :)

breathtaking view!

they said the waters here were shark-infested!

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