20 January 2011

VIGAN (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

I remember that I always wanted to go to Vigan because of its rich cultural ancestry. Our predecessors surely knew how to preserve our Spanish colonial history that's why it's in UNESCO's World Heritage list.

The moment that I knew that I had to go there for work for 3 days, I was ecstatic! Very happy, excited, but at the same time, anxious that it might not push through. And it did happen and I was in. I was bursting inside and out because of that.

During the land trip, I was drinking in the sights when we we like 2 hours away from our destination. I want the details encrypted in my mind.

I always wanted to go back there. I want to taste again the authentic Ilocos empanada and roam around the plaza and bask in the olden ambiance.

Here are some of my pics:
at last! i came, i saw, i conquered!

like what I've said, "bask in the olden ambiance"

at night..no other people but me and my friend outside the streets..kinda spooky feeling but it was ok still
one should never miss going to this place when in Vigan

feline company at the back

heavy! but cute :)

eewwww!! scary!

the pony who took us for a ride around the vicinity of Baluarte

this is the reason why I was there..work!movie shoot of our alagas for a film :)
I cannot never get enough of this place. Looking forward to a future trip here. :)

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