13 January 2011

DAKAK (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

It's nice to look up old photos and reminisce about the 'not-so-old' days..I've always loved to travel even in the nearest..or farthest.. of places. It's always the experience that counts.

These pics were taken way back 2004, I think, when I was still a talent coordinator for Eat Bulaga. We had a show at Zamboanga and for the first night, we stayed at Dapitan City at the Dapitan City Resort Hotel which was a great place but of course, we were looking forward to Dakak because most of us haven't been there before. So for the second and final night, after the tiring day of the live show at some remote place, we enjoyed and took in the ambiance of this popular resort. And it sure delivered. Our rooms were great and the food was overflowing and most of all, the beach was awesome! White sand all over. Too bad, we had shortage of 'tambay' time because we were due home right away on the fourth day but nevertheless, the experience was great. :)

Outside the Dapitan City Resort Hotel..catched some views before the sun has said 'bye for now'
outside our room..terrace view
my old figure..huhu! haha!
famous signage
path to my room
outside my room
loved it!
the crew
serene by night time.. i actually wanted to sleep outside..at the swinging hammock :)

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