23 January 2011

LEYTE (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

I used to see it before in history textbooks and on WOW Magic Sing Videoke while wailing the night away on the microphone. I wanted to see it badly and when I finally did, I was overjoyed! And thankful for the opportunity.

Leyte for me means visiting two must-see famous landmarks.. one is the Leyte landing of General Douglas MacArthur and the American Liberation Forces in Red Beach,Palo back in the time of the second World War and the San Juanico Bridge that connects the provinces of Leyte and Samar. And also popularly known as the bridge where Lito Lapid (I think) jumped in for his movie. Hehe!

We stayed at the MacArthur Park Beach Resort and I liked their baked scallops. But this place is a little spooky come nighttime but I guess that's part of the travel thrill, if you're into that. But come daytime, the view is nice especially it's a beach front property.

Here are my memories:
There they are! Hi, General! :)
The resort hotel served oh-so-yummy scallops! We ordered, and ordered, and ordered...

Serenely peaceful during daytime

I just sat by a covered hut and took in the sights and for a moment, I had some peace

At last! I came, I saw, I conquered

It was prohibited to walk at the bridge because of so many fast vehicles passing by but since our driver knew the security, we were able to do so..bad! haha!

So is this where Lito Lapid made his deadly  jump?

see the starfish? this is in the shallower part of the waters

And now I reached Samar too..2 birds in 1 stone

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