13 January 2011

MALACAñANG PALACE (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

Ever been to a palace? Well, I did, Malacañang Palace that is. It's not that I got awarded or anything, haha, but it was because my job before had me going there to assist in the awarding of some of our artists who won at the WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) at that time.

Well, I loved it! Our field trip way back high school days did not allow us to step into that part of the Palace but in this case, since it was Madame GMA who honored them, then it was held at the reception hall that I only see from TV.

Security process was of course very tight.. and long..but that's SOP. I'm just mighty glad that I was able to have a few shots though it's blurry but still better than nothing. If I remember correctly, cameras were not allowed unless you got a permit from them. These photos came from cellphones which at that time did not even reach 1MP. :)

sayang, putol yung logo
not that he's my idol..but at that time he was the most popular..in a negative way though
post event snap!

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