01 April 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Manang's Chicken

Double-fried chicken is the famous wave nowadays and I have ridden on it but just for one food place only. So I wanted to break that and try another place, hopefully, with a much lower price. Last time I ate at my usual place, I was not happy with the serving size and to think that I paid a higher price for those small pieces of chicken wings.

I have heard good words for Manang's Chicken and I have thought of trying it but that has been delayed for more than a month. So when the opportunity presented itself one day, I grabbed  it. And  that has been a great decision!
The chicken was awesome! I really loved it! That's it, happy moment. =)
I got to try this one night after we went scouring Forever 21 for dresses at SM Makati and wanted to grab a quick bite before heading home. It was a suggested to go to G4 Food Places to look for something that would not exceed a certain budget. Upon looking at choices, I saw Manang's Chicken and I sure am glad to see them. I immediately went to their counter to order.

I got  the 1-pc chicken (I always prefer breast or thigh) with the original sauce and coleslaw for my side dish. The moment I had my first bite of  the chicken, I liked it instantly! It was the perfect combination of salty, sweet and the crunchiness is so fresh! For the coleslaw, I found it too cold for me to really appreciate it but it was alright.

Manang's Chicken captured and sealed a place in my stomach for their great tasting chicken. Yum! I read how the recipe all started and I hope that the creator of this recipe which is "Manang" is well rewarded for having concocted this delightful dish, turning a common fried chicken into a family favorite into a public's choice.

Total price I paid for, just P110.00. So worth it! Totally coming back very soon. =)

Manang's Chicken
Glorietta 4 Food Choices
Delivery: 400-4673 / 0932-8626742
Website: http://www.manangschicken.com


  1. I'm sooo in love with Manang's Chicken too! ;)

  2. Hi Michy! Oo nga eh. Makes me want to eat their chicken later. As in! =)


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