30 March 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Kazam Kebab House at Maginhawa St.

I actually have a growing list of must-visit foodie places at the famed Maginhawa St. in Quezon City and I have not reached 50%. But I plan to, especially that it's just a stone's throw away from where I live during the weekdays.

Coming from work, I was feeling famished already but I could not think of anything specific that I wanted to have for dinner. I though of coming down to Araneta Center or near my apartment here in Sikatuna Village. In the end, Maginhawa St. won and it was a cross between places near my street: Cafe Quezon or Kazam.

Kazam Kebab House won hands down! My first time! =)
Heard one good feedback from a friend and that has been mentally noted. 
And I got the:
Chelo Kebab Kobideh. 2 sticks of beef kebab served with buttered rice and grilled half onion and 2 tomatoes. 
Keema. My sidedish. When I heard the server said that the Keema was spicy, I thought if she was sure about her answer. I already helped myself to my first spoonful and I did not taste 'spicy' there but then, eventually, it kicks in then I said to myself again, "yep, it is a bit spicy". I liked it.  
Of course, one cannot go on without the condiments. You want it hot or just right? =)
I loved the combination of the buttered rice together with the Keema and the grilled onion and tomato with the white sauce. The natural sweetness of the onion is so good. I was headed home after dinner so I was not bothered by the aftertaste and onion breath. Not that keen with the beef kebab as I find it a bit bland, but that is just me. I said that I would not finish my rice serving but I did. It was so good. Better than Mr. Kebab. 
Check out their prices. Reasonable..considering that they serve great tasting fare. 

I will see you again soon! =)
You can actually mix and match the side dishes to create a main dish good enough to fill your tummy happily without overdoing your budget.

Next time, I'm going to have the buttered rice for P20, Keema for P45 and the Grilled Onion & Tomato for P25. Thirsty? Bottomless iced tea for P30 is a sure win with its very affordable price. And they don't serve it with less quality in flavor, it's freshly made!

Loved it! That's it. =)

Kazam Kebab House
162 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village 
Quezon City
09175366627 / 09228195606


  1. Hi Michy! If you're going here, let me know, I want to come back again. =)


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