06 March 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Dad's Ultimate Buffet

I still consider Dad's as a place to go to if you're looking for gastronomic buffet that offers many dishes from many international cuisines as well as our local bets too. And I suggest going there on weekdays, Monday thru Thursday at lunch time so instead of paying P645 for the regular rate, you just have to pay for P545. It's still P100 savings and it's not too crowded compared to going there weekends.

And the last time I ate here, my teammates and I were literally the first customers because even before they opened we were already there. Right after our shift, because of nothing else to do at the office, we went to Megamall. Like what they say, in plural for,  'Early birds catches the worms'. :) It was so nice to see the presentation of the dishes before somebody touches them Let me share them to you guys.

Beautiful presentations, right? Those were taken by me before they officially allowed customers to start eating.

this is my pasta of choice..mixture of tomato and meat sauce, penne pasta, cauliflower, brocolli, lotsa garlic, ham, bacon and parmesan cheese..YUM!

whatta plateful!

the colors are so nice..the one with the kiwi is very good
Everyone was busy for a time after they opened. Then rested then got busy again. We were all full so we rested then joked around, just enjoying the company of each other. Finally, time to go. All full and happy and satisfied.
our bill :)


  1. I haven't tried Dad's but I love the sister resto, Sambokojin! :)

  2. Really? Haven't tried Dad's yet?? I guess that's ok, coz you've been to a lot more restos that are so drool-worthy =)


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