06 March 2012

PEARL FARM (places I've been to..and want to go to again!)

Ahhh...the sweet life of a bakasyunista.. but unfortunately, that's not me here. This was all for work but I was perfectly happy with it. Not all can have that so I really considered myself very lucky.

Pearl Farm is very beautiful. You can definitely feel relaxed and pampered. Even I who just had a few minutes of snooze felt completely rejuvenated.

In the future, I plan to save (good luck to me!) then come back here. Nice plan, right? :)

Around 30mins speedboat ride from our resort hotel in the city
Ooohhh...the famous sosyal huts!
Look what the wind blew in! My hair was a big mess after that superfun ride

I'd like to have one of those..like Dawn Zulueta :)

With Ryza Cenon
crystal clear waters..so inviting!

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