21 April 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Happy eating at Nomnomnom Happy Food

Thanks to buying sites, consumers are the ultimate winners. Just choose wisely and do your research on the products that you are going to purchase before you let your fingers do the clicking.

We celebrated the 24th birthday of my brother and I said that I will treat the family to dinner. I bought 2 vouchers from Nomnomnom Happy Food from Metrodeal. One voucher was good for P250 only for P500 worth of food and drinks. I got 2 vouchers so that was a total of P1,000 worth of happy foods! Yey!

I read a lot of blogs about this restaurant and I have been wanting to try it but did not find the perfect opportunity until I saw the deal and realized that my brother's birthday was fast coming up as well. Now that's a perfect timing!

Here's what we had:
12PCS. FRIED RAVIOLI (P180.00). One of their bestsellers! I loved the combination of all the ingredients..the kangkong leaves, the cheesy goodness and mushrooms. Yes, it has shrooms in it. We shared 3pcs each. I find the price very reasonable for this dish. I really enjoyed it! To enjoy it best, eat it while its still hot!
MANGO-STRAWBERRY ICED TEA (P130.00). A different kind of iced tea for me, served with the tea bag intact and floating in the bottle. But refreshing, nonetheless. I liked the subtle taste and how the flavors of both fruits were infused with one another. A treat, that's what it was for me.
NOM QUESADILLA (P210.00). Another cheesy treat filled with mushrooms as well..shiitake and button mushrooms! The salsa on the side is the same with the other dishes but that's alright, it diverts the palate a little bit from the monotony of cheesy dishes. I'm not complaining though, just a teeny weeny bit. But mind you, this quesadilla is so good!
MALINOMNOM PIZZA LOG (P310.00). Their bestseller amongst their other pizza logs. Very Pinoy in taste, consisting of Tinapa Flakes, Kesong Puti, Red Egg and shallots. A big, or rather, a looong serving size. Thus, the name pizza LOGS. This pizza is soft in texture and the ingredients are put generously and each bite is very flavorful. I will try the other flavors next time. 
A much closer look. Pretty to look at yet yummy to chomp on.
WILD MUSHROOM PASTA (P230.00). The menu describes this dish as a pasta with an assortment of mushrooms served with Veloute. Veloute? Now that was a term that was definitely new to me. I looked it up and it means, per Merriam-Webster dictionary, of French origin, "a soup or sauce made of chicken, veal or fish stock and cream and thickened with butter and flour". Rich indeed. Its all mushrooms but it was oh-so flavorful. Definitely enjoyed it together with the other dishes. Rich and creamy and that's usually how I like it. Haha!
THE GOOD SISIG (P110.00) A healthy choice. The tofu was fried perfectly and the sauce was great. I just wished that I instead ordered the the Good Sisifg Platter for the same price and got much more tofu than the rice crater. When this arrived, we were up to our throats in food. So full! But the rice was great, if we weren't so full then. I know I can cook a dish like this at home, just got to experiment with sauces more. =)

Thanks for the nice dinner! =)
Our grand total, P1,170 but since my vouchers were priced at P500 good for P1,000 of food and drinks, I just added P250 more (tip included). Total cash I paid for, just P750. All those dishes for that price, winner!

Next time, I will choose dishes that has a variety of sauces. We noticed that almost all our orders were cheesy and creamy and it could get a bit too much. Not that we have anything to complain about the food, but maybe a dish with red sauce or anything else, could have enhanced the whole dining experience. Oh well, there is always a next time and I definitely see myself going back here in the near future.

If I may mention, the ambiance of Nomnomnom was very laid back. Relaxing conversations with family or friends or with a date is the perfect companion to their foods. The waiter/waitresses are very kind and accomodating. Dining here made us feel...happy! =)

Nomnomnom Happy Food
LG/F GYY Bldg. 1 Tomas Morato cor. 
E. Rodriguez Ave. Quezon City
(02) 502-2919


  1. Yepyep, try it! Good food with very reasonable prices. =)

  2. Thanks so much! Nakakatuwa naman =)

  3. Tofuuuuuuuuuuu! I told you, I'll never ever get sick of eating tofu. :)

    1. Yup, and you can experiment with a lot of ingredients to go with the very versatile tofu. =)

  4. Quesadillaaaaaa!! Everything looks so yummy!

  5. The food looks really good ah! :) I haven't been to this resto yet, but maybe I'll try some time soon. Thanks for sharing about your experience sis! ^^



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