16 April 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Moshi Moshi @ Katips Ave.QC

Thanks OpenRice, for the opportunity to try this Japanese fast food place at Katipunan, QC.

It was my first time to attend for OpenRice and I was excited. Good thing I found a table where I met new people that I felt comfortable with. It made the whole experience more fun.

Here is the rundown of the good food that was served to us: 
Milk Tea for my refreshment. Anything milk tea nowadays is up to par with me. Quite creamy but I took a liking to it.
TERIYAKI BENTO. I'm very partial to teriyaki and this one I liked. The Onion Rings was cooked just the way I liked it and the Pork Balls was yummy too!
Sauce-y. A perfect rice dish.
This I really love!

Yummy Pork Balls!
6-PC TAKOYAKI (P55.00). Though the filling is not that plenty, the sauce serving is extravagant and more than made up for the taste.
5-PC GYOZA (P95.00).Good-tasting.
MISO SOUP. I wished it was served at the very beginning, ahead of the showstopper, but well, better late than never, right? =)
KANI SALAD (P188.00). Such a big serving they got here! I just wished there were a bit more lettuce and crab stick strips and Jap mayo. But otherwise, it was good. Remember always to have your daily dose of veggies!
KIN BENTO (P320.00). A deluxe bento that has Kani Salad, Tempura, Takoyaki and Gyu (beef). So complete! An extravagant order, I don't know if this still would not fill up those bottomless tummies. =)

Thanks again, OpenRice, for this experience.
OpenRicers unite!
They're coming up with Create-Your-Own-Bento for P155 only. Try it next time you visit! Enjoy! =)

Moshi Moshi
2/F Regis Center 
327 Katipunan Ave. 
Brgy. Loyola Geights, Q.C.
Open from Mon to Sun 10:00am-11:00pm


  1. Nice meeting you there Lovelee! See you again soon! :)


  2. HI Michy, yes, so glad to have met you too. Let's meet soon kahit na hindi pa yung Van Gogh is Bipolar. Let's do that very very soon =)


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