26 April 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Dulcelin Gourmet's pride..the famous Mango Torte!

The first time I tried this Mango Torte, I nearly forgot my name! Kidding, of course. But truthfully, it was so good that it made a permanent mark on me. It left a mark on all of us who had a slice or two of this superb dessert.
This is the photo of the 1st slice of Mango Torte  that I had from Dulcelin Gourmet. Looks delish. right?
Just last night, me and my friend planned to go to Baclaran Church for a visit but opted to have dinner first before proceeding to our destination. We chose to eat at Glorietta's Food Choices. We had chicken for dinner. The last time I was there at the Food Choices, I saw Dulcelin's stand and I got ecstatic! I will not be having a hard time to have the Mango Torte, they're so close now. And so, after our dinner, we shared a cup of this sinfully yummy dessert.
1 CUP of MANGO TORTE for P80.00. Not bad!
 This is how we enjoyed our Mango Torte..
Snap a visual photo of this dessert in your mind. Well me, I just had to take a photo using my cp's camera. Ain't it pretty? Sweet mangoes sandwiched in between cream on top and sweet nougat-ty crust that has absorbed already the fresh mango taste. 
Take the first spoonfuls and relish the taste. So good! It was a bit too frozen but we did not mind that much. But yeah, a bit over-frozen. Getting a small chink of the crust was an extra challenge. But I guess that makes it more exciting. Haha!
Finally, breaking off the hard crust. Combine all 3 layers in one mouthful and its a burst of pure pleasure. It was served to us very cold so my gums experienced a quick jolt but subsided quickly (thank goodness!). 
The finality is so visible! Good for just one more bite. I took it. Haha! Life's sweet pleasures. =)
Overall take, I loved it! A wee bit frozen, I hope they change the temp of the freezer as we tasted the mango   like an ice pop, too cold. Good thing, we were looking forward to the eventual taste so we did not mind it that much. Sweet tooth satisfied! Mission accomplished! =)

Dulcelin Gourmet
www.dulcelin.com (for their branches)


  1. Tried this once, and it's so delicious!

  2. Hi Michy! This was just my second experience. So sweet and I love it! =)

  3. It's really served and eaten cold. =) That's our family's favorite.

  4. Hi Stacy! It is indeed a family fave of so many but I have yet to serve this to my family in the near future. And I'm like 100% sure they will love it too =)


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