07 May 2012


Laguna is one of the most accessible provinces near Manila. Tourist spots are abundant and these places encompasses the rich culture and traditions of the province.

I got the opportunity to go to one of Laguna's greatest pride which is the town of Pagsanjan, for work, during the 11th Bangkero Festival. I was so ecstatic! The last time I went here was when I was still 7 years old, such a long time ago already. I'm in my late 20s now. Haha! I went here for 3 days in just a week, each time returning back to Manila then going back to this quaint town again. I loved the travel so I had fun.

Pagsanjan is 92kms south of Manila. Around 2-3hrs travel time depending on the traffic. Its nickname is the "Tourist Capital of Laguna". They have here the famed Pagsanjan Falls (old name was Magdapio Falls) and the century-old ancestral houses that line up along J.P. Rizal St. A trip here is like transporting to a different time, back to the era that is said to have vanished already.

Let me share what I did during my quick trip here:
The town's Puerta Real (stone town gate) which is so old and weathered already. This great location start marks the ancestral trip so much more because you feel the old vibe of the town. It really is charming. For me. this is what I appreciate in trips, a cultural significance. It was built in 1878-1880 by the town's locals and it was made from adobe, lime and carabao's milk. History states that in December 8, 1877, bandits came to loot the town  but it was said that they were stopped by an apparition of a beautiful lady holding aloft a shining sword. That's why this stone gate was created, to express gratitude for the intercession.   
I asked for permission from the group of policemen who were on duty at this old stone gate. There were vehicles of all sorts passing around and I would not like to be interfere in their regular jam.
The town's history
The ancestral houses along JP Rizal St.

True! Also, the people are so kind and welcoming. An easy smile is easily given to an asking tourist or passersby. The people also makes the place good or bad.
The Ejercito's has ruled the town for quite a long time now. This is what you will see at the town plaza. As long as they are doing a good job then I guess, that's alright. Everyone happy, right?
The town's municipal hall is also a historic site declared by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. Truly a town with historical relevance.

During the 11th Bangkero Festival, they held a painting contest. I took a peek at the entries and there was a lot of good ones. Shown above are the works of art that I just compiled in one frame.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Per Wikipilipinas, Our Lady of Gudalupe Church was made with nipa and wood by Fr. Agustin de la Magdalena in 1687, reconstructed in 1690 , improved in 1853, added transept in 1872 and damaged during World War II. It has a three-level early -Renaisssance facade with semicircular arched main entrance and choir loft window. The church houses the image of Our lady of Guadalupe, a gift from Mexico.
Silent as a tomb yet peaceful like day.
This is a unique chandelier for a church. The first one that I have seen and I have seen quite a number already. I liked it.

Inside the parish, there is a small entrance leading to the side chapel and this is the sight that you will see once you step inside it. It's like a feeling of discovering something important. I felt like , a la Indiana Jones. =)
This is the side chapel that I entered all by my lonesome, with only the cleaning guy doing his task near the entrance, so in short,  I was just alone. I felt a spooky feeling, maybe because the lighting was a bit poor inside, and my thoughts are running wild. Haha! But I liked the interior.
Sorry but I got a bot spooked by this image. It's not that saintly for me. =)
Old but well-kept. Simple yet rich.
Too bad I was not able to go to the falls because of lack of time since I went here for official reasons, but that's alright since if I go, I want to savor the experience. Next time, I sure hope so. I really want to go to the Devil's Cave which is behind the Pagsanjan Falls. Oohh, I can just imagine it now. =)


  1. Thanks, Michy! You should have seen them up front, they looked so good!

  2. Awww you looked like you had a lot of fun in this place! :> I hope to be able to visit this place soon! Love the pictures :D

  3. Nice shots! I've never been to Pagsanjan! Sana mabisita ko din one day.

  4. Ihope to visit that church someday.. looks calming :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. I remember the last time I visited Laguna was 2yrs ago. Nice place!

  6. Love the church and the old houses. I haven't explored Laguna that thorough yet I only pass by most of the time! Thanks for sharing your experience! Earthlingorgeous

  7. I've actually been to Pagsanjan na and was able to see the falls from afar. :) I love going on long roadtrips from Batangas to Laguna to Rizal. There are so many interesting things to see! :)

  8. What do you call the resort where they shot the afternoon TV series "Tabing-Ilog"? We went swimming there God knows when. We could've gone to the falls though. Maybe next time!

    I just love how driving along the town gives you an idea of how life was like back then.

  9. wow! pagsanjan is really a world class tourist destination,, very beautiful,,


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