07 May 2012

LAGUNA DIARIES: Foodspotting during 2012 11th Bangkero Festival

Who does not love fiestas? I bet everyone does. Of course, it's a celebration! All the people are in a festive mood and ready to forget their worries even for just a while.

Apart from that, fiestas or festivals brings out all the culinary masterpieces, or even un-culinary, of their beloved town. That's why during Pagsanjan, Laguna's Bangkero Festival, I knew that there would be lots of street foods at the plaza. And it sure did not disappoint.

Here's a rundown of what I had, some repeatedly:
Japanese siomai from a food cart for only P25.00. I liked mine with lots of garlic and I super enjoyed this!

The woman in orange opened an AK savings account with us and she mentioned that she hoped that we could drop by her stall and she will give a good deal. So since we  had not lunch yet, we went and she added lots of fillings on our shawarma. Nice doing business with you, ma'am.
One of my absolute faves in street foods--Shredded corn with margarine, sugar and cheese! I got this 3x in 3 days, for P20.00, sure made my day. The weather was giving lots of rainshowers but we survived it. Thanks to these 'comforting' foods.
Kuya Bobby!
A revelation for me-- I always see this here in Manila but I don't give it a second glance. I just did not care. But I gave it a shot here and I became an instant fan! The coconut meat that is a key ingredient is so fresh and over all, the Buko Shake was so refreshing. Totally loved it. I tried the Manila version of this, and somehow, the taste is not quite the same. I had repeat orders of this one.
'Sinful' snacks =) They came in droves during the festival
Innards, intestines, chicken skin..they got it! Deep fried to perfection and seasoned just right. Always a sure hit with the masses because it tastes so good yet so bad for the health especially for those with health concerns related to high cholesterol and the like. Just saying =)
I got P10.00 worth of chicken skin and its so good! But a word of caution to those with health concerns, just get 1 or 2 then stop it, or else... Hehe! I know you probably know that already. By the way, this chicken skin is good to be eaten all by itself or with rice, just dip it in vinegar. Yum!
Kindly manang who got camera-shy. Thanks!
Of course, you cannot go home without pasalubong. The main roads all over the province is lined with places like the one shown above. Just take your pick. Me, I just got Uraro and Shingaling.

All in all, it was so fun. I love events like this! =)


  1. Hi Michy! street foods are the best..as long as they are prepared clean. I love the fishballs and other balls too =)


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