05 April 2012

Reminiscing Baguio City

It's been a while since my last visit to Baguio City. My last time was early 2008. I was there for work but I could not let the opportunity pass to re-visit the sites that Baguio City is famous for. I even walked along Session Road around 10pm just so I could absorb the vibe of the city. But alas, vibe that I got was some drunks who were throwing up at the side of the street. Saw 2 or 3 person do that. Haha!

There are still places there I want to visit as I have never been there before such as the Cathedral Church, the strawberry fields in La Trinidad and the old yet still 'hugely' cute St. Bernard dog at the Mines View Park. And now that summer is officially on, the urge to go is so strong. Question is; will it materialize or not? That is the big question.

So for now, I will just take a quick walk along memory lane as I browsed through old photos. Taken back in 2008.
These horses of Wright park sure are pretty because of their hot pink crop of hair. Just had to take a picture with them. My first and last horse ride was here at Baguio and I was still a child back then. Conquering this again when I go back, the time is nowhere like the present.
Lucky we got in. Maybe because the guard saw my companions are artistas so he budged in.
The usual postcard shot.
At Mines View Park. This old Igorot lady was so welcoming in urging me to try on the traditional clothes and she was very fluent in using the English language, mind you. Then after trying it on and having a quick pic, she charged me P20.00 in a very business-like tone. Haha! But she was still nice, I say.
Still at Mines View Park. I wonder where Douglas the cute St. Bernard canine was hiding when I was here. I would have loved to meet him. =)
Another photo op session. We were very lucky that there were few tourists that time so we got to go around a bit without the heavy people traffic. Oh, I remember, that brown messenger bag in the photo, bought that in an ukay-ukay store for P200 (bit expensive for ukay) but it was so sturdy. Up to this day, it's still 'alive'.
The famous Lion's Head at the side of Kennon Road. This landmark is synonymous to Baguio City. I remember being so happy that I got my picture taken at long last here at this site. There are vendors in the area as well, so, if you forgot to buy pasalubong, you can take your pick here.
Taken at the side of the Lion's Head. I wondered where the flight of stairs direct you to downwards. Unfortunately, did not have the opportunity in exploring this one. Next time, maybe.
The night before. Stayed at the Veniz Hotel which I love. Their breakfast buffet is good too. The photo shows my view from the hotel balcony.
On my next visit, I hope that the weather will be nice and cold and not congested so we can leisurely take a breather and relax. Wishing and hoping for this next visit. =)

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