07 April 2012

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Various Milk Tea Places that I Love!

Summer is so hot and I love a good cold milk tea! Can't pass up a week without having my fix. I used to love my usual caramel frap at Starbucks or any other place but nowadays, that is not included in my foodie vocabulary. And honestly, that has been a root of saving money more as milk teas are usually 50% less the price of the fraps. Relief, yes, not only financially but healthwise as well, just a teeny bit. =)

So here are the list of the milk tea joints that I have tried and loved.

Absolute fave is their  Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese! No words..I just love it. And I think  most of the milk tea population does love it too. 
A bit more expensive than the rest but they do offer a premium on their milk teas.  I liked one of their many bestsellers which is Hokkaido Milk Tea. 
Also liked Strawberry Toffee milk tea. Yum!
No particular favorite but I find it more relaxing to hang out here, which we did, until a group of a bit boisterous people came in and the peace and order went kaput! Haha! =)

Moonleaf's Dulce de Leche French macaron tasted like yema. Good thing I like yema. =)
Many more choices to choose from. 
I forgot the name of this chocolate pastry. They said it was a bestseller but unfortunately, my taste buds did not have the knack for this. Too rich for me. 
Funny, but I had my first Gong Cha in HongKong, located at one of their MTR  stations.  I got the  Caramel-flavored one and I liked it. I guess everything caramel would suffice for me. If I remember correctly, this one was priced at HKD15.00, or around P90.00. Not much difference if you buy here.  
My first Chatime milk tea, I got the Choco Mousse and it was ok. Second time around,  I got their  Banana Milk Tea which I loved. The queue at the Gateway Mall is always consistently long. Happy for them but not for me, I get tired from waiting so long. But I still waited. =)
A very cozy place located at Xanland Plaza in Katipunan Ave. I got the Amaretto Milk Tea. And I LOVE that they offer their milk teas with 1 FREE sinker. Nice! That is already a good reason to head out here and try their offerings.
My 1st neighborhood-friendly milk tea place. Walking distance from my apartment in Sikatuna Village, QC. And they have a  loyalty card, if you complete 10 purchases within 2 months, you get 1 free drink for free.  They have their version of rock salt and cheese and its k. Not that great but acceptable. 
8. ETC
My 2nd neighborhood-friendly milk tea place that is fairly new in its area. Located at the corner of the street where I rent my place, so its just walking distance. Their milk teas are good and what's great about this place is that they are so conveniently located in between joints along the famous Maginhawa St. foodie strip, they are enveloped between Good Burgers, Mexican Express and Kazam Kebab House. Yu can have your main course, be it American, Mexican of Persian fare then just take a few steps and you're ready for something good to totally wash down all the food. =)
My 3rd neighborhood-friendly milk tea place that has just recently opened. This one is located  at Maginhawa St as well. It's a very small place so if you want some peace and quiet, you can go here. I got their bestseller which is their version of  Happy lemon's Cocoa Rock Salt & Cheese. The beverage itself was smooth and great tasting but the froth on top which I always like best, is poor in terms of serving size. I barely tasted it. I hope they change that. 
Got my first Cha Dao milk tea at their Maginhawa St branch and  I got their Wintermelon  MT.  I shared it with my brother and we both liked it. But for me, Wintermelon is all the same, next time, I will try a different flavor for variation. 
My friends said that Jelly-G has long existed before the other more famous milk tea places has arrived in the scene.  Glad  they shared this to me. I got the Thai Milk Tea which is a bestseller and it was great. I just don't like that the crushed ice was not finely crushed because while almost being done with my drink, there were still a lot of ice that was left. I just threw it away. Could not wait for it to melt. But it was yummy! 
Summer 2012 is scorching hot so let's keep on drinking these milk tea beverages! More healthier and less expensive compared to other coolers. =)


  1. Not a milk tea fan, but I really really love Cocoa with RSC from Happy Lemon! :)


  2. Hi Michy! Cocoa w/RSC is at the top of my list too. Summer is so hot and milk tea is perfect for me. Fraps are a thing of the past, for now. =)

  3. usong uso cya ngayon... but i haven't any of these... :)

  4. Hi Mervin, oo nga eh, usong uso nga sya and yung nakakatuwa lang is that mas mura sya kesa ibang cold beverages like fraps. Try it one of these days, lalo na the heat is so intense nowadays. =)

  5. I'm not a fan of milk tea so I was only able to try 1 out of the 11 in your list! hahaha imagine that? :D I like Ochado though coz they sell other things and have aloe vera drinks :D

    1. That's alright, haha! Now that is something that I ought to try, haven't tried aloe vera drinks yet. I often associate aloe vera with having healthy hair..that's what they use to put in mine when I was still a child. Lol =)

  6. i want to try all especially the best seller chocolate cupcake

  7. i'm lactose intolerant so i rarely drink this although it's so hard to resist my fave drinks from serenitea (taro milk tea, grapefruit yakult), gong cha (wintermelon milk tea) and chatime (taro red bean milk tea, taiwan mango qq) :D

    1. That's very courageous of you, if I may say. Well, I guess, if I were in the same situation, I would still do that. After all, life is short so might as well live it to the fullest and try all that I feel like eating..or drinking. =)


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