28 September 2010

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Secret Recipe @ Edsa Shang

My friend Mayen have mentioned before that she and her family were planning to eat at Secret Recipe and so I got intrigued. While walking through Megamall with another friend, Melvin, we chanced upon this joint and we checked out basically just the ambience of the place. We just saw some cakes displayed. That's it. Good thing also that they gave us coupons that later on, I found out were only good at Megamall.

But anyway, I got to eat finally at this place, but at Edsa Shang Mall. I liked the location, not that bustling so my friend and I sat outside.
When I looked at their very nice menu, the prices were a little steep so I thought that maybe the servings would be good for 2 so just to be sure, we asked the waiter but he said, it's only good for 1. Uh-oh! But well, we were already there so might as well give it a go.
We ordered the Black Pepper Chicken (P245), Pad Thai (P280) and the piece de resistance, the dessert, Choco Banana cake (P95)
My verdict: The chicken was just average, for its price, I was expecting something more extraordinary in taste. But I was a little bit disappointed. The Pad Thai was good though. The ingredients were separated so you can concoct the dish to your liking. And the presentation was very nice. I liked it! And for the dessert, I find the price fair and it's not very sweet so you can definitely indulge a little bit. And the bananas on it are still perfect in texture so I was happy with the choice too. :) 

I would definitely come back especially I still keep on hearing a lot of good words about this place. Maybe I just haven't found what my taste buds would really love in this place. :) 


5/F, Shangri-La Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 637-0367

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