29 September 2010

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Globe Lumpia House @ Quaipo

I have heard about this fresh lumpia for several years now but it was just Sept 5 that I was able to experience this creation. 

It was a very hot afternoon. My friend and I were walking from Isetann going to the direction of the Quiapo Church and we happen to pass by. My friend thought it was the right time to drop by the lumpia place, since it's both our first time, so we did. 

First impression was that this was your typical carinderia place. But anyway, this was Quaipo, so that was ok. It was hot inside but luckily we got a place that has an electric fan passing by us so we were pleased. We placed our orders, which was 2 lumpia and get free iced tea (in a very small plastic cup), and in a few minutes after preparing the lumpia, it was placed in front of us already. 
I was happy with what I was eating. The sauce is not that sweet and I like the very garlicky taste and it has an ingredient that I don't taste a lot in other fresh lumpias around the metro. I knew that everything was fresh because you can see it made when you stand up to go see the kiosk. And the attendant was wearing plastic gloves so that's a thumbs-up for cleanliness from me. 

Just be advised that of course this is Quaipo, so better hang on tight to your belongings because maybe while you've forgotten yourself momentarily savoring the goodness of the lumpia, someone else might also 'savor' the moment and take advantage and take your things. Hehe! 

All in all, this food trip was a winner. P40 for 2 lumpia with small iced tea included. It was so good that's why I also took home some for my mom and brother to experience but sadly, did not reach my mom because on the first detour, which was my brother, he ate all of it. ;p

Globe Lumpia House
740 G. Puyat Street (formerly Raon)
Telephone: 733-2918

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