26 September 2010

The Anawangin & Capones Islands Experience

Last June, my high school friends (together with their love halves) and I finally had the out-of-town getaway that was long overdue already. Not all were able to come (aww..sad..) but for everyone who was able to, we had the time of our lives.

It was just an overnight trip so we made sure that we got the most out of it. The first batch (Michelle, Rommel, Eugene, Candy, Paolo, Edgie and Jb) arrived there early while the second batch (me, cyrene, raymond, emae and mary ann and her hubby rommel together with their cute baby girl) arrived nightfall already. I could not see the ocean nor do I want to go near it coz I was afraid. Haha!

We were famished though we had a stopover at NLEX but good thing, when we arrived, the cooking was on the way already. Everything tasted great.

After dinner, we just chillaxed. Enjoyed a couple of bottles of alcohol and some grilled hotdog. The night was young and so are we. : )

I felt sleepy already. And so does Emae so we went in to our room to have a headstart on our beauty rest (haha!). Our whole group was just in 1 room so it was fun and at the same time, gave me a feeling of security. :)

A lot has happened while I was asleep. I was hearing some sort of a commotion but I just ignored it and continued my sleeping. There were some snoring, the others said so, but I was dead to the world. There was also a lovers' tiff (ahem! sino kaya yun?). It was just in the morning that I knew of the events that occurred during the night like the big water jug was accidentally hit thus flooding our room a little bit. And when I woke up, I approached my camera battery that I left charging and it was nowhere to be found. It has gotten wet by the incident but it was still intact and working so no biggie.

It was raining hard that early morning but thank goodness it stopped. After our breakfast, we went ahead and started our trip going to Anawangin and Capones islands.

Just going to the place where our boat was 'parked' took a lot of effort. The sand was 'squishy' and it wasn't firm so we were trodding on soft ground. So we just took pics along the way to maximize the moment.

After a long walk, we finally reached the boat and the trip has officially started! :)

And our first destination is finally within view.. ANAWANGIN!

Upon arrival, we took off right away to look for a good spot to leave our things and it was heaven sent that Michelle's brother was there, to her surprise, so we were able to leave our stuff in their tent. And started clicking away for souvenir shots. :)

And of course, the swimming. Most important activity. But in my case, more like wading in the water or just riding the waves. They were quite 'forceful' that day, maybe because it just rained. But well, it was fun even if most of us got wiped out a lot of times (or was it just me?). :)
This was a very physical day. I've gotten a few scratches on my knees but the pain was worth it. So after the strenuous activity, we just sat back and relaxed and nibbled on the foodies that we brought. A simple fare of chichirya and sandwiches and Coke.

So after we've felt the surroundings of Anawangin, off we went to Capones Island to experience what this second island has to offer.
Everything was a rush here at Capones but I liked this island better than Anawangin. After experiencing the water and took lots of pictures, we went back to Pundaquit because it was late afternoon already. Whew! Whatta rush! Whatta day! But perfect nonetheless. :)

Back in Pundaquit, we took a bath, fixed our things then said goodbye to nature on this side of the Philippines. It was a fun event! Time to go back home. Thank God for blessings like these..being with old and new friends and relishing what this country of ours has to offer. :)

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