26 June 2015

Vegetarian Options at Wabi-Sabi Noodle House

One's health is prized very highly nowadays and the local food industry has recognized this need to improve man's food options and came up with lots of great resto selections. But sometimes they came at a high price.

So here comes Wabi-Sabi, a simple hole-in-the-wall place near Tomas Morato in Quezon City who gives us an affordable taste of their vegetarian fare.

Tantanmen Ramen (Php 180.00)
Of course I ordered my favorite type of ramen. My verdict? A bit flat but I guess I sort of expected it because this is a healthier option after all. But not bad. 
Chahan Rice (Php 70.00)
Flavorful and a must-have when you order their viand options
Mushroom Shumai (Php 55.00)
Healthier version of our favorite dimsum. Not that strong in taste but you can always add some of that dipping sauce for stronger flavor. 
Veggie Crackling (Php 60.00)
Their take on the famous porky Chicharon. A bit bland but again but it is indeed healthier. I think they can amp this up a bit by having other dipping sauce options. 
Sweet Corn and Cream Cheese Tempura (Php 85.00)
Now this we all loved! I like the combination of the corn and cream cheese and then deep-fried, add some salt and it's packing! I would love to learn how to do this at home.
Thai Milk Tea (Php 60.00)
Tastes like my favorite! 
This is love love love!
Bahn-My (Php 150 whole, Php 75 half)
I loved Banh Mi since the first time I had it in Vietnam and finding one here in the metro that comes near to the taste of the authentic one that I had was a challenge. Their version is vegetarian so it does not come near my expectations but it's not bad at all. It's actually good in its own special way.  And affordable. 
Veggie Feast!

This is a nice and cozy place for a quiet night alone or with close friends. Just a few tables available but there are some outside. The service was great and the food was equally healthy-good. And the prices are very fair.

I guess becoming vegetarian is not an option for me now but it is indeed nice to take a break from your usual grub and have something healthier instead.

I say, give this place a try. You just might like it.



POS Building, Sct. MadriƱan cor.
Tomas Morato, South Triangle
Quezon City
FB: Wabi-Sabi Makati
       Wabi-Sabi Quezon City

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  1. Can't be a vegetarian as well pero I'd love to try this! :)


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