06 June 2015

Green Pigs' Kitchen: Of Good Food and Quaint Tea Cups

Another off-the-radar restaurant ticked of my list!

Green Pigs' Kitchen was highly recommended by a colleague so we were all curious to give this a shot. Located at one of the Scout streets in QC, it has a lot of competitors but this place has a unique charm of its own.
Pumpkin Soup (Php 100.00)
Very fine yet creamy. A great starter to a great meal.
Grilled Pork Belly (Php 200.00)
Very tender and the marinade was the right mixture of sweet and salty. Even that fatty part calls out to you.
Rosemary Chicken (Php 245.00)
Not my order but I had a slice and it was good. This I will order on my next visit!
Chicken Parmigiana (Php 245.00)
You can get to choose what carbs you want rice or pasta to go with your chicken. I chose the pasta and they complimented each other. I liked this but I think I would order another dish in my next visit. But I'm glad I finally tried this.
Baked Creamy Sole (Php 260.00)
I like creamy dishes so this was a hit for me.
Sweet and Sour Pork/Fish
I do not remember what meat it was because this was not my order, a colleague's, but it was a part of their budget menu. It's pretty good for budget!
Strawberry Crepe Cake (Php 95.00)
This we all liked! It was gone in a few short minutes. A delight!
Red Velvet Cupcake
I'm not really a fan of cupcakes so this is just okay with me. But it was moist and the cream cheese was rich so..

They also offer jams and jar cakes
The Merchandise: TEA SETS
Prices vary. I liked the Victorian ones but it's too quaint for me. I might just break it instantly so I passed on it. The pair that I liked was for Php 1,200, if I remember correctly.

The food is good and reasonable but their tea sets are really something else. Eating here gave me a feeling of aristocracy, sort of, because we were surrounded by all those gorgeous and intricate tea cups. And, it's also a place where you can eat with privacy. Only few tables available. You can have the place for a private function if you want, you just have to coordinate with them.

Thumbs up!



Green Pigs' Kitchen
U2 Ground Floor, Triple A Health Plaza, 
36 Scout Torillo Street, Sacred Heart
Quezon City
(02) 501-2683
FB: Green Pigs' Kitchen

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