08 October 2011

POTIPOT Island..is it worth it?

I've been to Zambales' prized islands Anawangin and Capones last year and those were experiences that I really treasure. Both islands have their own uniqueness and I sure am happy to have been there already. Last May, me and some friends wanted to try a new island on our list which is a well-talked about place called Potipot Island.

It's a very small island where you can go round about it in about 20-30minutes while doing a relaxed pace. It has a white and light brown sand shoreline and just 5minutes small boat ride from the shore of Candelaria, Zambales.

We just wanted a weekend getaway and Zambales is pretty near Manila and package prices are affordable for an overnight stay so we went in to get some of that fun in the sun.

We started early on a Saturday morning and compared to Anawangin and Capones' jump off point in Pundaquit, Zambales, this trip is a much farther long drive. It's a 4-5hrs travel time so one has got to be really comfortable in your transpo so you have the energy upon arrival.

We arrived there at exactly lunchtime and we were all hungry travelers. Our trip was organized by Travellers Journey Travel and Tours, owned by a high school friend, and she and her husband Rommel were very hands-on with regard to seeing the comfort of their clients. They suggested Dawal Beach Resort and Restaurant as it is the most frequented place by visitors. We ordered right away as we were famished!

After that filling meal, we headed to our resort which is Trinidad Bay Resort. Our room was just enough for the 5 of us, 1 double bed and 2 single beds. It got a bit hot as the sun was still perched high in the sky so we just rearranged the order of our beds and we were rewarded with the AC hitting us where it's supposed to. So we had our siesta while some stepped out of the room and roamed around the grounds of the resort and along the beach.

Nap time is done and we got out of the room and did some exploring. The beach was not impressive at this coastline and the sand was definitely very dark, water is grayish as well. I remember at that time, I was wondering how Potipot would be vastly different than this dark beach as the small island is 5minutes boat-ride away. Anyway, I did not test the waters' depth but just wet my foot with the small waves crashing in.
There it is! Potipot Island at the background.
Candelaria's beach front..nothing impressive
I love sunsets
the resort where we stayed in.. Trinidad Bay Resort

For dinner, we went to the other resort or inn near beside the one where we are staying at. We walked at the dark beach and we were scaredy cats, not because of ghosts or bad individuals, but because we might step on poop! Haha! But this place where we had our dinner offered a very very good deal on meals. First of all, they serve it buffet-style, and second, they offered dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day for only P500 all in all! It's a steal! I mean you just have 3 viands, soup, fruits and rice but it is a winner. And their food is delicious, if I may say. We were mighty pleased with it.

Then after dinner, it's Videoke time! =)

The next day, Sunday, we were off to an early start. But of course, not without a hearty breakfast.
great start to a great morning
And at that moment, even for just a few hours, we were excited to get to the island. We went at the beach and waited for a boat to pick us up. Again, Mary Ann and Rommel made sure that all of us were safe and secured, they also went with us, even for just a short time at the island.

so clear waters

There were a lot of people in the island that day. I guess all of us basically has the same things running on our minds. But despite that, we found a good place where a tree provided a shade for us so after liking this spot, we never veered far away from this place. We literally just laid on our backs on the sand while our bodies were gently being rocked by the very soft waves. It was so relaxing! It had a calming effect on me and I really liked it. That's why I did only this for 5 hours! I could not get enough of it and the shade was perfect, the sun barely kissed our skin with sunburn. Just a light tan.
this is life! life's a beach! =)
So was it worth it? I would say YES. Despite the number of people on the island, we still got the relaxation that we were after. Now that is another one island off my list. =)

Travellers Journey Travel and Tours
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  1. Love your photos and insights :) Pwede ka nang travel agent :)

  2. wow! thanks so much! i will try to post more travel stories, hope you watch our for them :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've always wanted to go to Potipot.


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