22 October 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Breakthrough Restaurant (Iloilo)

Hmmm..I've had 1 lunch and, maybe, 3 or 4 dinner meals here already but this is the second time only that I've really appreciated this place for their food. Why? Because I'm not such a big fan before of seafood especially those that I have to remove shells. Bottom line, I just don't like getting messy with my hands, that's it.

But I've already had a change of heart, as we grow older, these are foods that makes you want for more as they are much healthier to eat. Still a bit rich but better than pork or beef.

Last August, a group of us who went to Iloilo for a leisure trip and one thing that was definitely set in the itinerary was to go here at Breakthrough Restaurant. A must. And we did, for dinner. We rode a cab coming from our hotel in Jalandoni St. and it just cost us around 120-130pesos only.

The place was not jampacked as it was already 8pm, and a good lot of the diners has already filed out of the place, fully satisfied, I presume.

So here goes our dining choices:
Chow time!
Buttered Garlic Scallops
"Diwal" clams, a.k.a. Angel Wings.. just look at their shape and color
Loved this! Buttered Shrimps
Our last order..mild Chili Crabs for 1 kilo
Buttered Garlic Scallops - Not that plenty in serving, just enough to tease your appetite. I like garlic and this dish is enhanced with it. I loved it! I wanted to have one plate for myself because I simply love them!

Diwal clams, a.k.a. "Angel Wings" - This is the first time I have tasted this and I liked it.  I like the cheesy part of the sauce and the meat was firm and it sure looks funny. 7pcs of this was priced at P400 (if I remember correctly). Expensive, right? But it's a delicacy and it's seasonal. It's not easy to find so I'm mighty glad that it was available that night.
the Scallop and the Diwal
Buttered Shrimps - Big, juicy, saucy sea creatures cooked to perfection. Just the sauce alone is ulam already. I find it relaxing to remove their shells and put them on one side while I do the others. Haha! I don't know why. Cooked perfectly as well.

Chili Crabs - We ordered 1 kilo! Whew! But we sure did finish all of it. After all, just a piece alone would've cost so much here in Manila. Like the Buttered Shrimps, the sauce alone is good to eat on its own. Just put it on top of the rice and it's good to go. We just requested for mild chili flavor as we have a child, and me, on this gastronomic dining experience.

The best thing that night..all of these dishes, including the 2 plates of rice and our drinks (soda and beer), was just priced at P1,600! The price will definitely be doubled or tripled if it were here in Manila. But the most happy out of all of us was me because my companions, the Reyes family (Ryan, Mayen & Blythe) said that it's on them. Yey!

Happy night it is! Thank you so much, again! =)

Breakthrough Restaurant
Villa Beach, Arevalo, 
Iloilo, Philippines
(63 33) 337 3027

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