09 November 2011

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Kopi Roti @ Katipunan Ave.

Online buying sites are so cool! It gives the consumers the chance to try different things, eat at different restos..for a fraction of the original price. In the end, the buying community still comes out as the big winners.

Take this voucher that we had, it was for Kopi Roti. We were so hungry already after work and also because of the heavy traffic so my boss offered us if we still have time to avail of her voucher. We said yes, of course. Haha! We parked at Kopi Roti Katipunan Ave. branch and came inside and gave the voucher, chose two variants of their Toast Selection then waited for our order. We just added siomai and soft boiled eggs and we were good to go.

For P105, our voucher stated that we will be having 2 choices from the Toast Selection and 2 glasses of their home-made iced tea. We saved 50% from that voucher! Winner, right? After all, if you buy it without the voucher, that'll be P210 charge to you.

The toasts were good, just enough sweetness to tickle your tastebuds and the iced tea was so refreshing! We did enjoy our 'late merienda' and we went home satisfied.

I bought a voucher for the same price at Kopi Roti but I haven't availed of it yet. =)

Blueberry Toast (that does not look like blueberry, hehe)
Choco & Milk Toast
Toast Selection choices
Home-Made Iced Tea
Siomai for P60.. yum!
Soft-boiled eggs for P35
What's your choice?
Kopi Roti (Katipunan Ave.)

226 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge A
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 439-1546

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