08 August 2014

Angel's Kitchen: Wickedly Good Food

I was invited to a foodie meet-up and upon checking my schedule that I was free for that day, I said yes right away. I did some researching of the resto and I liked what I read and excitedly anticipated dinner night. 

Upon entering, quaint is the word to describe the place and well-lighted. It is a great hang-out place where people can dine and have conversations.

But what I liked best is their food, here are the dishes that we had:

Beef Taquitos (Php 258)
The creamy beef topping together with the rest of the trimmings on top the crispy wanton was a delight to my taste buds.
Chicken Liver Pate with Melba Toast
I loved it because it was really simple yet sets the tone for the rest of the food that will follow
Parmesan and Caesar Glazed Dory (Php 388)
So creamy and good enough to eat on its own or with rice
Tuyo Puttanesca (Php 358)
Packed and flavorful and serving was big. It has a lot of flavors going on but it was delish.
Mandarin Chicken (Php 408) 
Sweet and the chicken was still crispy. It made a simple fried chicken into a grand dish because of the sauce
The Original Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali (Php 428) 
It was good but I get to taste this also in other places. Though I liked the concept of the Pinakbet rice, it was a first for me. And the lechon kawali was sinfully tender and crispy and getting a few slices was big of a temptation. Too bad I was not able to try the Chocolate Bagoong that goes with it because I thought there was none. It was served but it was not in the plate so I thought the bagoong was already incorporated in the rice. Sayang.
AK Special Blend Iced Tea (Php 98)
Frozen and sweet and every sip was delightful
Rustic Apple Pie (Php 218)
 A big slice with a lot of apples! Good for sharing. I am not usually a fan of apple pies but AK's version is so good.
Choco Lava (Php 188)
Moist and soft and so chocolatey. Perfect with the topped vanilla ice cream

The serving sizes are all good for sharing so you get value for your money. Prices ranges from Php250-400 per dish but it is indeed reasonable because you get quality food and service.

The wait staff are very attentive and courteous and that is a big plus. Great food and great service is equal to very happy diners.

Overall, I really loved everything. I will definitely come back here with my family or loved ones. I'm so happy that my first experience with Zomato was a big hit. Thanks, Zomato for the invite.


Angel's Kitchen

57 Connecticut Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City

02 7218822, 02 21212 · 02 121212 (Delivery)
Check reviews at Zomato: http://www.zomato.com/manila/angels-kitchen-greenhills-san-juan-city/info#tabtop



  1. It was nice seeing you again, Lovelee! Food trip soon! :)

  2. I've been to Angel's Kitchen a few times in the past and I really like their homestyle dishes with a twist. Faves include the famous Pinakbet Rice, their pasta dishes, and the baked fish fillet.

  3. Agree with you! The Pinakbet Rice is one of the things that keeps us going back to Angel's Kitchen. The choco lava looks soo good also.

  4. Oh everything looks delicious! I wish i could cook!

  5. 57 Connecticut Street, thats just few blocks away where a friend lives! will definitely check it it out. we love exploring new food restos :)

  6. Nice ambience! Quaint indeed. Everything looks so yummy!

  7. First time to come across Angel's Kitchen, but so far, it looks really good! The Parmesan and Caesar Glazed Dory looks like something I'll enjoy. And that Pinakbet Rice and Lechon Kawali looks so delish! If I'll ever try it, I'll make sure not to miss the Chocolate Bagoong! :)


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