31 July 2015

Alab by Chef Tatung

Alab is the newest restaurant in the QC area that offers authentic Pinoy dishes with a twist, or for some, just plain comfort food. I have read good reviews about the place and got excited to give it a shot. 

Located near Tomas Morato, this place is convenient to foodies on the hunt. We came lunchtime and we were ushered to their second floor since ground floor was filled with diners already. That's one thing that is commendable with the place is its size. They can pretty much accommodate a big number of people for casual dining, maybe for simple functions too.

Now the food. Here are the dishes that we had:

Pianggang (Php 270.00)
Grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk flavored with a special Tausug spice paste made from fresh aromatics and burnt coconut. 
I thought I would be tasting the usual chicken with coconut sauce but I was so wrong. This is different. It's good and best eaten with rice.
Sisig (Php 220.00)
Thrice cooked, as the menu said. Well, you can't possibly go wrong with sisig, especially on a sizzling plate so this was good too.
Okoy (Php 120.00)
Succulent shrimp and vegetable strips mixed in a light batter then deep fried to the right crispness.
I'm not actually a fan of okoy because in past experiences, the shrimp's head or whatever body parts would sting my mouth and I did not like that. But this one I liked because I did not experience that and at the same time, the batter was so light so I really got to enjoy the ingredients. 
Penuneng (Php 150.00)
Diniuguan longganisa or blood sausage made the Ilocano way. Served with vinegar dip.
This did not work for me since I do not eat Dinuguan but for the sake of adventure, I did have 2-3 small slices and it tasted ordinary for me.
Rice on a wooden bowl. Very local. 

We ordered a bowl of Pancit Molo but we were not able to take a photo because we attacked it immediately. There was a typhoon that day so you can just imagine how welcoming the soup was. But I found it very ordinary in taste. I'm a bit biased on this because I grew up enjoying this hot soup because my mom makes it.

The serving sizes were a bit small but I believe that their food are served with great effort and love for the dishes itself. Our stomachs got filled up still though but I stand by my comment on the serving size. 

I will give this a try in the near future to have their other dishes. Got to try that Bibingka cheesecake. Have.To.Try. 


Alab by Chef Tatung
67 Scout Rallos St. (near Tomas Morato Ave.)
Sacred Heart, Quezon City
(02) 364-9631
FB: Alab Chef Tatung


  1. I want to try this resto. Sama ako next time please! :)

  2. Just saw this kanina sa kris TV. nakakatuwa kausap si Chef :)

  3. Sa tingin pa lang mukhang masarap na, madami din yung servings. Wish to visit this restaurant soon. :)


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