04 March 2015

Pizza Overload at Mad For Pizza

I really liked my pizza experience over at Project Pie and when me and my office mates decided to try Mad For Pizza, whose concept is the same as P.P., I had high standards and equally high expectations from them. 

So we came in lunch time, we were glad that we were one of the first customers so we picked a nice spot for our group. 
Three of us decided to order the Create Your Own Pizza for Php285. We were given a small sheet of paper that is a checklist of the ingredients that you want to be thrown in your dough. I almost checked all. Almost. I chose the Garlic Parmesan dough with their house pizza sauce, which is a red sauce.
If in P.P. you can watch while they make your pizza, here there is a barrier behind the counter so you have to stand there for you to see how they fill the dough with your choices. Which is what we did. I waited for around 10-15mins for my order to cook because it had a lot of toppings. 

Waiting to be baked!
Once it was served, I was amazed! It was way bigger and fuller than P.P.'s so that was so good! You can share it with 2 others. The taste was delicious and very flavorful. Definitely no scrimping on the ingredients. We exchanged slices of our orders so we got to taste what they created and everything was fantastic! We were so full afterwards! If you ask me if its worth it, DEFINITELY!
My order. So filled to the brim. I can hardly finish it. It was so good!
An officemate's order. This I will try next, using white sauce as base because it tasted great too.
We all had a slice of each other's pizza. All the combinations were good.
Me and my masterpiece. 
That chili oil tasted might good with my pizza.
And they do serve alcoholic drinks too.
The staff were very friendly, courteous and accommodating so that made the experience very enjoyable. They volunteer information about their product without waiting for a question especially if they see that you are not sure what to order first. 

A tip that I want to share is that once you ordered your pizza, you can go and see how they prepare it so if in case you want to have additional ingredients, you can say so right away. 

I really enjoyed this! Definitely going back! 



2/F, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Scout MadriƱan St. 
South Triangle, Quezon City
FB: Mad For Pizza


  1. I love Mad for Pizza! Can't wait to return soon! :)

  2. Great review! Haven't tried this myself, but I'll take a mental note of it ;) it's always nice to control your own ingredients etc.


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