02 March 2015

Ukokkei Ramen Ron: Best Tantanmen Ramen

I have been fond of ramen for over a year now. It's not a cheap treat, mind you, but I cannot help the craving that I feel every now and then.

Amongst all ramen types, my favorite is the Tantanmen. I love the creamy,nutty and spicy taste of it. I always order that in ramen joints that offers them. That being said, I heard about this place who has been in the ramen business for years now, even before when it boomed big time here, that has the 'best' Tantanmen, I immediately added it to my list of must-try places. But it took me some time to try it but I finally did.

We tried their Ermita branch, and we got lost finding it through commute so we called them up and asked for directions. When we got there, their signage is in Japanese only so its not easy to notice. You only hear about them by word of mouth, well, for me that is. Once you enter, the staff are very welcoming and friendly and the interiors are minimal yet you get the Japanese vibe right away.
Now the ramen, I got the Tantanmen and got extra orders of corn kernels and aji tamago. The boyfriend got the Kara-Miso ramen with a spiciness level of 3.
Tantanmen Ramen (Php390)
My order was everything I ever wished for! It was so good! The noodles firm and the broth was spicy yet enough for me. And the egg and corn added more elements to my ramen. And the ground meat was of uneven sizes, some small and some bigger so I liked chewing that. And I'm very partial to slurping a lot of broth so I was satisfied that theirs has aplenty.
Extra orders! Aji Tamago (Php40) and corn kernels (Php 30).
With the additional ajo tamago and corn and I loved the outcome. The creamy egg yolk and sweetness of the corn further heightened the flavors. 
Kara-Miso Ramen (Php 370)
The bf loved his and he said that he should take on the level 5 spiciness next time. I like the sprouts in his because it added crunch to every bite. The chashu was good though not the most tender that I've had.
That's my serious yet happy (deep inside) face! Intense! =)
Take note!
Signage is not easily noticed because the name "Ukokkei Ramen Ron" is in Japanese. Memorize this for helpful reference. 

For this quality, their prices are very reasonable. Very very good quality! And the service staff were all attentive. Now I can truly say that this is certainly the BEST Tantanmen that I have ever tried! So glad to have finally tried it last night. 

Also, they have two more branches, one in Makati and one in McKinley Hill in Taguig.

I give this experience two thumbs up

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tantanmen is only served 6pm onwards and for a limited number of bowls only. 



 - Ermita branch888 Gateway Plaza, Apolinario Mabini Street, Malate, Manila
02 5165511
 - Makati branch822 Paseo Tesoro, Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati City
02 8564588
 - Taguig branchTuscany, Upper Mckinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
+63 9394737105


  1. Oh this I want to try! The best ramen for me is Ramen Nagi, next is Santouka. Can this be the 3rd? :)

    1. Hi Kim, yes, give this a shot. This might jump to the top of your list (or just 3rd). =)

  2. omigosh! do you know i so love ramen? i have not tried this one Tantanmen, seems would really taste good. i am into hot brothy spicy soup and noodles to die for. you remind me of my favorite ramen but it is in singapore. i will definitely check this out. makati branch is the one nearest to me :)

    1. Hi Maria, give it a shot soon. I promise, their Tantanmen is tops on my list! And I've tried this type in every ramen shop that offers them. =)

  3. omg ramen night, you make me hungry!

  4. I would definitely like to try this out :) Looks good! But I'd have to go to Makati since the other branches are a bit far :)

  5. I'm not really into spicy soup. Are they also serving other japanese dishes other than ramen? sorry for my ignorance, but what is ajo tomago made of? You seems to be enjoying your ramen with your add -ons....

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes, they do have other dishes aside from ramen. And they also have ramen that is not spicy so you can enjoy a hot broth while there. Aji tamago is a marinated soft boiled egg. =)

  6. I hear alot of good reviews about this restaurant. I hope to visit and try this soon! I love ramen even if it is starting to warm up in Manila :)

    1. Hi Ruth, me too, I still love ramen even if our weather is warm already. But this should be perfect for the upcoming rainy months! =)

  7. The food looks delicious! Will try this out. :)


    1. Hi Kristel, yes it is. Hope you'll enjoy it. =)


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