19 October 2010

my papa's gourmet instant pansit canton

My dad gets assigned to a lot of places domestically because of his job, and because of that he has learned to tend to his own well-being coz he has no choice. Some of those may not be really favorable but there are some that we appreciate after he has shared it to us.

Let me share what one of those things are.. he cooks Lucky Me Instant Pansit Canton in a very special way. Gourmet, I think, given the ingredients and time and effort spent on making this dish. Here are the pics:

The ingredients:
3 Lucky Me Pansit Canton 
2 jumbo hotdogs
2 hard boiled eggs
lots of chinese pechay

Here's the other version..
The ingredients: 
3 Lucky Me Pansit Canton
@ hard boiled eggs
lots of carrots 
lots of sayote
1 onion
Squid balls

That's it! Those are the masterpieces. Made extra special by my dad's effort in cooking it. :)

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