24 August 2016

A Taste of Singapore at Bugis Singapore Street Food

I have been to Singapore recently with my mom and since my dad and bro were not able to come, I decided to, at least, let them have a taste of Singapore hawker food here in Manila. So that's why, hello Bugis!

So, to make the supposed long story short, here is what we ordered:
 Soy Garlic Chicken (Php 150.00)
Very flavorful. Chicken parts used were all wings. Lots of rice needed for this dish . 
Squid Sambal (Php 180.00)
Very very flavorful. We enjoyed this! Again, lots and lots of rice needed for a dish this tasty because the sambal sauce can be a bit overpowering.
Nasi Goreng Fried Rice (Php 95.00)
I requested not to make it spicy because my dad and bro are not too fond of spiciness. Which Bugis did. Just this rice dish alone is good in itself. A bit bitin though for 3 pax but for Php95, it's very good.
Char Kway Teow (Php 135.00)
I find this similar to Beef Hofan flat noodles and I liked this SG version. Can't get enough of it. 
Singapore Laksa (Php 230.00)
So good! I like the creaminess just right. Not too much. And it has 3pcs shrimps and lots of shabu-shabu balls, assorted. Serving size was right for the 3 of us. 
 Feasting on these great tasting food!

I was really surprised by this place. It's clean, have nice staff and the food is affordable. Serving sizes are good for sharing but I can say that it's good for 2 people only. 3 pax is a bit too much if you really want to delve in to the food. But if you have lots of orders, then more than 2 pax is good to share. 

What I loved most is their Singapore Laksa. I will come back here for their laksa alone. So so good! Suited my taste perfectly. 

Parking may be an issue so it was a good time that we dropped by here before the start of the dinner rush.


Bugis Singapore Street Food
78 N. Roxas St. Santo Domingo,
Banawe, Quezon City
Tel. #: (02) 2452806 / 2452815
FB: Bugis Singapore Street Food


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