10 June 2016

Steak Me Up at Vittorio's

Vittorio's is one restaurant that I have frequented much last year. I was really impressed with their food, to put it simply. 

For this year, me and foodie friends met up at Vittorio's new place to have a bite of my usual favorites and some soon-to-be new favorites. 

The new location was way much better than the former in terms of proximity to the Tomas Morato commercial area as well as offices and residential houses. To mention, they are right next to the Fanny Serrano Salon/Boutique so going here now is easier to find than before.

Now the food. The glorious food. Here is what we had:

Chop Noodle Salad with Miso Dressing (Php 199.00)A different tasting salad, distinctively different among all others, because that Miso dressing is something else. Do try this, it's a fresh new take on the usual boring salad. I'm craving for it now, oh goodness! For P199, it's very affordable!
Crispy Noodle with Spicy Shrimp (Php 225.00)This  baffled my mind at first because that crispy noodle had a thick texture similar to that of a suman but definitely mixed well with the stir-fried sauce and shrimp. The taste will grow on you and you will find yourself wanting more than just a piece or two.
Seafood Linguine (Php 320.00)Tomato cream-based pasta with a variety of seafoods like mussels, clams, shrimp and fish. This alone can sustain you because it is a bit on the heavy side together with the garlic bread but also good with something else. New on the menu and I loved it!
Clams Pasta (Php 285.00) Light and simple, good on its own or as a side dish. And I'd like to mention that the serving portion of the clams is almost proportional to the pasta serving. Very good! 
Chocolate & Strawberry Milkshake (Php 120.00 each) and
Fresh Pineapple Shake (Php 145.00)
Complimented our meal with its freshness. I wanted to order another one but I stopped myself. 
Half Rack of Ribs with Baked Marble Potato (Php 395.00)Tender and flavorful and good for sharing. Sulit! 
This Steak Rice is good to eat all by itself.
Fried Hainanese Chicken (Php 410.00)
Chicken half served with 2 cups of rice. 
So flavorful and good! Fried chicken with your Hainanese taste, 2 in 1.
USDA CAB Ribeye Steak - 330g (Php 1,295.00) and 660g (Php 2,050.00)My ultimate favorite! The highlight of our meal. Juicy, tender and the fat trimmings on top is like the star to the Christmas tree. Haha! But true, I love this the most!

 This place indeed make me happy. Happy tummy = Happy Lovelee.

For the food, everything was Superb! My favorites are the steak, the salad, the Crispy Noodles with Shrimps and the Linguine Pasta. Still the same great taste based on memory from my 4x dining experience with Vittorio's last year.

The ambiance was nice, one can have a relaxing time here and with that dim-lighting, it will certainly ease your senses and truly enjoy the food. 

The service staff were very patient and courteous with us and I hope they keep that up. 

Will I come back? Of course! That's  a big YES several times over! I have nothing but love for this place. Thanks Vittorio's for having us!  

Since this visit last May 21, I have been back here again just this week. =)


32 Scout Borromeo St.

South Triangle, Tomas MoratoQuezon City
Tel. #: (02) 738 6564
FB: Vittorio's

IG: Vittorio's


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